Our Experts

Dr. Nancy KaneDr. Nancy Kane

Dr. Nancy Kane is a seasoned public policy strategist with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Holding a Pharm.D from the University of Maryland, she has pioneered efforts in healthcare reform and patient advocacy, focusing on integrating clinical practice with policy initiatives. Nancy has led multiple high-stake negotiations that have resulted in groundbreaking legislative changes, improving access to healthcare across various populations.

Currently serving as the Senior Policy Advisor for the Association, Nancy utilizes her extensive pharmaceutical knowledge and legislative expertise to influence healthcare policy at the highest levels. Her work not only shapes the framework for current public health strategies but also ensures that ethical standards remain at the forefront of legislative processes.

Mr. Marcos RiddleMr. Marcos Riddle

Mr. Marcos Riddle brings over two decades of experience in government relations, specializing in technology and cybersecurity. With a background in political science and a master’s degree in public administration from Georgetown University, Marcos has crafted policies that have significantly influenced technology adoption and cyber law at the national level.

As Director of Technology Policy, Marcos’s role involves advocating for robust cybersecurity measures, facilitating dialogue between technology leaders and policymakers, and ensuring that tech policies support innovation while protecting public interests. His strategic vision and expertise are vital in navigating the complex intersection of technology, law, and public policy.

Ms. Christa PlattMs. Christa Platt

Ms. Christa Platt is an expert in environmental policy and sustainable development. With a master’s degree in environmental science from Stanford University and extensive field experience, Christa has been instrumental in shaping national policies on renewable energy and climate change. Her passionate advocacy and deep understanding of environmental issues have led to successful partnerships with various stakeholders to promote sustainability.

At the Association, Christa serves as the Chief Environmental Advocate. She is responsible for developing strategies that promote environmental health and public welfare, coordinating with lawmakers to craft policies that support sustainable practices. Her leadership is key in mobilizing action and raising awareness about environmental challenges and solutions.

Mr. Bret HartmanMr. Bret Hartman

Mr. Bret Hartman, a veteran lobbyist with over 18 years in the field, specializes in education and labor relations. Holding a degree in economics from the University of Chicago, Bret has a sharp understanding of the economic impacts of educational policies. His advocacy efforts have been pivotal in reforming educational funding models and promoting equitable labor practices across industries.

As the Head of Education and Labor Policy at the Association, Bret is known for his pragmatic approach to policy negotiation and his ability to build consensus among diverse groups. His work not only influences policy but also ensures that educational and labor reforms meet the evolving needs of the public while fostering economic growth.