AGRP and Brad Traverse Group Announce New Partnership

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Association of Government Relations Professionals (AGRP) announced today the signing of a partnership deal with noted career site The Brad Traverse Group (BTG) that makes the site the association’s official job board and career resources partner. Beginning today, AGRP will launch a new career page sponsored by The Brad Traverse Group that will provide a wide range of career opportunities and discounts to its members.

“AGRP is continually seeking to become the resource for the advocacy and government relations community, and partnering with such a respected company like The Brad Traverse Group is just one more step in that direction,” said AGRP President Jim Hickey. “The opportunity to partner with BTG and have them as the sponsor of our new job board and career resource provides increased value and resources to our membership, while putting the Brad Traverse brand in front of thousands of practicing GR professionals.”

AGRP will launch a new job board on its website entitled “The AGRP Job Board, sponsored by Brad Traverse” as well as co-brand the job portion of its member newsletter. Both companies will add the other’s logo to their site and AGRP members are eligible for a waiver of the $10 BTG registration fee.

“I am proud to sponsor the AGRP job board,” said Brad Traverse. “They are an extremely active association that provides insider access to Capitol Hill and government agencies, extensive networking opportunities, ethics advice, and a host of other invaluable tools to government relations professionals. My work fits perfectly in that model, because I offer that same insider access people need when job hunting or watching hiring trends, including exclusive job leads in public policy that aren’t available as quickly or as comprehensively anywhere else.”

“Job Listings From Brad Traverse” is the most comprehensive resource for anyone seeking a job on Capitol Hill and off the Hill in the fields of government relations, public policy and affairs, PR, communications, and political campaigns. Job seekers can find more than 3,000 leads in the database, none more than two months old.